Changes in Humble Bundle SlackBuilds

I’ve been testing all my humble SlackBuilds on Slackware 14.0 for the last few days. The number has grown big (54 scripts), and my /opt was becoming annoyingly cluttered with lots of  games and other “exotic” packages that shared the same directory. So now games are installed in /opt/hib/<game> instead of /opt/<game>. “hib” stands for Humble Indie Bundle. I also enclosed a README file for each one of the games, with additional game-specific installation info. Another significant change is that from now on, the only system that I make sure these scripts work, is Slackware 14.0. If a game doesn’t work on a previous Slackware version, you are free to use/modify older versions of the scripts (which can be found at, and of course, drop me an e-mail if you need any help.

Happy Slacking, happy gaming :)

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5 thoughts on “Changes in Humble Bundle SlackBuilds

  1. Thanks, I added your site to my Links page. Only one small thing… “dstsagka” is my mail account misspelled. You can call me “kabamaru” which is my nick. Btw, scripts for Voxatron and Introversion Bundles will be available soon :-)

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