Getting ready for 14.0

It seems Slackware 14.0 is close to be released. 13.37 was my very first experience with Slack, and it’s been a great ride so far. And although it seems that things are a bit funky in the open source desktop world (experimental technologies being aggressively promoted, software getting heavier, constantly re-inventing the wheel, arrogance, forking, forking, more forking etc.), seeing that Slackware’s BDFL wants to keep things as sane and clean as possible, makes me feel safe and warm inside. I’m really looking forward to try out the new KDE (4.8.x) and I already like Xfce 4.10.

Seeing what my Mac is becoming (I still refuse to use anything newer than Snow Leopard), Windows’ Metro looking like an ATM machine, and Gnome resembling the smartphone I won’t use, I feel blessed to have two mature and distinct Desktop Environments for my PCs. The people behind them share the same crazy idea with me i.e. that your personal computer is not your smartphone, not your tablet, or someone’s hippie-aunt’s vibrator; it’s a PC, and it’s not going anywhere.

Ok, enough with my rant. Now, a word on my Infinality stuff. I’ve made some small changes to the tutorial (for the better, I hope) and uploaded SlackBuilds for 13.37 and 14.0. Packages for 13.37 are ready as well, and 14.0’s will be uploaded a day or two after the official Slackware release. I have disabled comments for the tutorial to keep things clean (as I’ve done with the rest of my permanent pages listed at the top of the page). You can post your questions on my related posts (like this one) or drop me an e-mail (see Contact page).

Happy Slacking.

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3 thoughts on “Getting ready for 14.0

  1. Well, I can’t say a whole lot regarding KDE, but I’ve been a loyal Xfce user since KDE went to 4.x a few years ago. Slackware 13.37 was a very nice version. My favorite, I believe is still Slack 12.0. I was real reluctant to go to 13 back then, but the 64 bit release was the clincher for me. I’d been patiently awaiting 64 bit computing with Slackware. In the words of Pat V., “…a special thank you to Eric Hameleers who did the real heavy lifting…” this in regards to 64 bit release of Slackware.

    Slackware is the Energizer Bunny of GNU/Linux distributions. Others come and go, but Slackware just keeps going and going…

    Have fun with your Slackware 14! :)

    ~Eric AKA Nocturnal Slacker

    P.S. Don’t forget to visit the Slackware Documentation Project –>

    • “Slackware is the Energizer Bunny of GNU/Linux distributions.”

      Ha! So true :)

      – kabamaru/someslack

      P.S. Oh, I’ve already visited the doc project and read a bit about Dokuwiki formatting too. You know, just in case I get off my lazy behind.

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