Asunder: a lean and mean CD ripper

If you’re a Slacker, you’ll probably already have noticed that Slackware hasn’t that many Gtk applications by default. That’s fine by me, especially since Guh-nome3 happened. So, I’m a happy KDE camper now, and my desktop is pretty much a Qt fest. There are however a few Gtk apps that I can’t do without. One is Seamonkey (Konqueror and Kmail just doesn’t cut it for me), and another one is Asunder, a lean and mean CD ripper and encoder.

Asunder's screenshot

Now, Slackware’s full blown KDE 4.5.5 already comes with KAudioCreator which is a fine CD ripper. But Asunder has a simpler, distraction-free interface, an option to specify the ‘Album Artist’ besides the ‘Artist’ for a CD (I use this a lot), and to sum it up, it has all the right goodies for me and no extra fat. It supports a variety of formats and it can fetch the track names for you as every CD ripper does, and what’s really great is that it is desktop environment agnostic (so no Gnome dependencies parade here).

LAME, musepack-tools, nero-aac and mac, are optional dependencies for MP3, Musepack, AAC and Monkey’s Audio support respectively. They’re all available from You can grab Asunder’s SlackBuild from here:

SlackBuild | Project’s website

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3 thoughts on “Asunder: a lean and mean CD ripper

    • Hello Eric :-)

      I like Xfce too. In fact I’m saving it for a project of mine. I have a mid-2006 MacBook Pro (Core2Duo 2.16, 2 gigs of RAM) which I intend to convert to SlackBook Pro. The latest OSX version is really slow for my tastes.

      Yes, installing an operating system, other than OSX, on a Mac with a broken SuperDrive _is_ a project ;-)

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