Infinality’s font rendering on Slackware

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16 thoughts on “Infinality’s font rendering on Slackware

      • SImply, dIfference in rendering is colossal. I like plump fonts, thick and this is exactly what i got with this infinality. Even Liberation Fonts started looking in readable way. No more halos. Small fonts don’t look like being zigg-zagged – Holy Mary !!!
        Suddenly Ubuntu’s default rendering sucks hehe!

  1. Been looking for an easy way to install infinality fonts for a long time. Many thanks for these great packages. They work a treat.

  2. Infinality sux! He’s just trying to make it look like Window$! Bring back the smeary rainbows!

  3. Hey, this is great how to..Thanks..

    BTW, I was able to make my Slackware64 multilib-enabled. Now I can play Shanks :)

    So, I want to give this infnality font’s patch a try. Which packages I have to install? x86_64 or multilb ones or both?

    • Welcome back Fakhruddin, I’m glad you setup multilib successfully. For Slackware64 you want both x86_64 and compat32 packages (and of course the noarch package) and you’re covered 100%

  4. @ Fakhruddin
    1. become root user.
    2. run: source /etc/profile.d/
    3. open the SlackBuild with a text editor, find a line LIBDIRSUFFIX=”64″ and change it to LIBDIRSUFFIX=””
    4. run the SlackBuild (this will produce a “x86_64″ package under /tmp but it is in fact a 32bit one (the way we want it).
    5. convertpkg-compat32 -i /tmp/(name-of-the-package)
    6. install the newly created compat32 package, with upgradepkg –install-new (package-name)

    You can find all that here

  5. Thanks for posting this. Just a quick question:
    I’m using the source method, i.e. patching and recompiling freetype and libXft packages.

    Isn’t it necessary to patch cairo and fontconfig (or even to recompile them)?


    • Hello Walt,

      Cairo’s patch that Infinality had been using in the past is now part of the upstream code.

      Also you don’t need to recompile Slackware’s fontconfig, and I’ve tried recompiling cairo, but it makes _zero_ difference.

      As for Qt… if you don’t use any apps utilizing Qt (like Vlc, Calibre, VirtualBox etc.), I guess you can skip this.

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